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Lo LO Lo

2011-11-07 02:03:33 by Morphboy

If anyone wants full-length versions of my tunes, my doors are open for requests.

Obviously I can't do all of them because I lack the laserpower in my amiga.

Oh, and support me by wearing odd socks and letting your hypothetical girlfriend see it.


2010-10-01 14:43:03 by Morphboy



2009-12-07 21:58:00 by Morphboy

Got some more submissions on here nao, shame there's not enough attention on them as I was hoping for.

Things are going strong, and since I'm no longer serving the military, expect more tunes right about sometime!

The uploading has begun..

2009-09-18 11:23:01 by Morphboy

Currently trying to upload all my songs to this place, but since there's a 2-per-day limit, I'll just have to wait patiently.

I noticed one person has fav'ed one of my songs. Whoever you are, stay tuned for more songs. ;P